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Sermon Series Kit

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The Arrow Striker Sermon Series Kit is a 4-part sermon series based on the book Arrow Striker: Live with Purpose and Leave an Eternal Impact…Every Single Day by Jonathan Hardy. This sermon series will challenge your congregation to step into the opportunities God provides to each of us every day to make a difference for the Kingdom.  


  • Arrow Striker Sermon Series (4 sermons manuscripts with explainer videos)
  • Sermon slides & lower thirds
  • Promotional graphics
  • Bumper videos
  • Announcement scripts
  • Small group discussion questions

This Sermon Series will help your church:

  • Know the significance of their everyday lives in accomplishing God’s purposes no matter where they are on life’s journey.
  • Have an eternal impact, even when they don’t feel like they have much to offer.
  • Understand the importance of their daily decisions, words, and actions in God’s divine master plan.
  • Have a greater awareness, motivation, and confidence to step into every opportunity – including the subtle, everyday occasions – to maximize their lives on earth.
  • Navigate ways to overcome roadblocks of living life full-on for God and accomplishing God’s purposes in the world around them.
  • See how the blessing in this life is a direct result of their obedience to God’s daily leading.


4 full sermon manuscripts along with a 10-minute explainer video for each sermon to describe the thought-process for each sermon and how you can contextualize it for your church setting.


The included group discussion questions to correlate with each weekly sermon will help your church apply what they’re learning and can be used for individual reflection or with their small group.


The kit includes promotional graphics, bumper videos, announcement scripts, invite cards, and sermon slides.

Sermon Series Overview
WEEK 1: God’s desire is that we live life all-in by taking the right opportunities with extraordinary faith.

This first week highlights the story of King Jehoash’s half-hearted effort in striking his arrows. Applying this Old Testament physical battle to the spiritual battle of life today, God’s desire is that we go all-in as we seek to serve Him. This sermon sets the stage for the remainder of the sermon series to help people not stop short in all God wants to do in them and through them.

Primary Text: 2 Kings 13:14-19


WEEK 2: God gives us the opportunity every day to live our lives for His glory.

In this week’s sermon, your church will discover how to capture each moment and tap into their God-given potential to significantly impact those they encounter on a regular basis. Whether in the church, community, school, or workplace, God will give them endless opportunities to make an impact on others.

Primary Text: Matthew 25:14-27


WEEK 3: The exercise of our faith radically changes God’s involvement in our lives, thus changing everything.

In this week’s sermon, your church will see how their faith determines the outcome of the opportunities they face. They will leave encouraged to take steps of faith in order to embrace all God desires to do not only in their lives, but through their lives, to further advance God’s purposes.

Primary Text: Matthew 15:21-28


WEEK 4: Going All In Even When You’re Afraid.

In this final week, your church will see how fear is one of the biggest obstacles that prevents people from living their lives all-in with a desire to do great things for God. This sermon highlights how the Lord met Gideon where he was and filled him with peace and assurance in order to step into God’s plan for Israel.

Primary Text: Judges 6:11-24